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Company History

  1. Managing Properties Since 2004

    CFM was founded with just 150 employees and being the sole affiliate of M&W Zander Facility Management, Germany in Cairo, Egypt.

  2. Smart Village

    CFM signs its first Contract with Smart Village Premises and the first major account outside Nile City Towers

  3. Archibus Facilitore

    CFM introduces Archibus Facilitore, the full web-based Enterprise Version.

  4. Cancer Hospital 57357

    CFM enters the Hospitals industry by initiating Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357

  5. ISO 9001

    CFM acquired ISO 9001 at 2008

  6. AlShaya

    CFM enters the Retail industry by signing off with AlShaya

  7. Cairo Festival City Mall

    CFM enters the Shopping Mall complexes industry by signing with Cairo Festival City Mall.

Message from our CEO

Why CFM, clearly since its start in 2004 CFM has grown into the largest facility management company in Egypt, with more than 4000 permanent staff members serving our clients whom we call partners. This growth is not only due to our ability to hire and retain the best or to our serious investment in training and technology but the main reason behind our successful growth is our commitment.

CFM is committed to provide its clients the best in quality, safety and reliability.
CFM is committed to protect and extend the life of the assets it manages.
CFM is committed to work with its partners towards the same goal.

It is only thanks to a dedicated and professional team of Directors, Managers and staff that we were able to secure such level of commitment. To our clients we call partners, I say, we serve you with pride and to my colleagues in CFM I say you make me proud to be the CEO.

Rawi Camel-Toueg

Message from our COO

In this new millennium and with the advent of data increasingly playing a more important role in information, and by information we mean the kind of information critical to customers decision making abilities in respect of how their operational delivery organisations should look, the services they need change as quickly, if not faster than the products or services they provide. If this describes your situation relatively accurately, then those services must still be provided within a high level of strategic certainty, and a wide margin of flexibility. The ability to provide services that fits into this reality of the customers not only requires a high levels of maturity, business intelligence, and in-built flexibility, it also requires people groomed and trained and mentored to change plans of this morning in a matter of minutes and hours rather than days.

To this end CFM Facilities Management has developed just this internal culture within a company that was always planned to become the benchmark, the measurement by which services is measured in Egypt. Today that goal has been realized, it has become an obvious fact, that whoever you are, your key performance will be measured by customers, and even other competitors to those of CFM Facilities Management SAE. We are proud and honored to have achieved this position in the Egyptian market. We are also fully aware that it means that we will always have to work hard to keep this status in the market. We do not mind that. It is what keeps us humble, dedicated, sharp and always aspiring to achieving more for our customers. I would like to invite you to test us, on the technology and systems we use, on the engineering maintenance reliability and availability techniques we apply, and to subject us to the most stringent requirements you need from your integrated Facilities Management service provider. We look forward in serving you, and providing services that we are confident will excel well beyond your best expectations.

Gerhard Meyer